Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with GFS Community What are the activities and benefits I am entitled to after becoming a registered member in GFS Community? How do I Sign up in GFS Community? I have not yet received any validation email for signing up -what shall I do? I get an error while using the link in the validation email- what to do? I forgot my password- what to do? I reset my password but it does not work the next time I log in- what can be done? I am unable to register! The system displays "Email / Date of Birth do not match with our records." What is a broadcast? How do I use the Technical Information Section? Blog Related FAQs What is GFS blogs? What if "Blogs" link at the top does not work? The 'Post Blog' button is not working - what to do? My blog is posted but not visible in the Blog List-what to do? No entries can be made in the New Blog Post window- what to do? How to comment on other's blog? Can I insert pictures in blogs? What is GFS Forum? Tweet Related FAQs What is a tweet or tweeting? How to follow my friend's tweets? How do I find my friends? What does it mean to follow someone's tweets? How do I know who I'm following? How do I know who is following me? Can I edit a tweet once I post it? Can I insert pictures in Tweets? Using Chat Application Can anyone on GFS Community contact me in Chat? How do I delete or look through my Chat History? Is it saved permanently? How do I start a conversation with someone using GFS Community Chat? What can I do if Chat isn't working consistently for me? How do I create a smiley and other emoticons in ChatRoom? How do I turn off pop-up Chat notifications? Can I chat with more than one person in the same conversation? Can I edit my Friend Lists for GFS Community Chat on my desktop client? My question is not listed above - what to do? How can I create or join a chat room? Media Related FAQs What can I do in the Media Section? How can I Upload an Image? Can I comment on any media? Profile Related FAQs What is curriculum? What is a Class note? How can I know if I have been given an assignment? How can I upload my profile image?